Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for traders catch on?
A – Depends on yourself. Are you discipline? Take note when I explain various training.
Q: How much should I invest into my brokage account?
A – It’s best to start small. Learn to grow a small account first. Plus, paper trading is what all new beginner’s should trade with.
Q: What is paper trading?
A – Different brokages has application platforms that allows you to practice trading, once you sign up. (Fake money)
Q: Why do traders fail?
A – Because they’re mostly trading off emotions, not reading charts. No strategy.
Q: What affect does President Trump have on the market?
A – My opinion, very little. New traders need to learn how to read the charts. NO Politics in the market.
Q: Can you predict the stock market?
A – No one can. It’s simply reading charts from pass performance of the market.
Q: What’s with the name ‘Kronk’?
A – Lol! When you learn how to trade like a professional. I promise you, you will get ‘Kronk’! You will want to dance.
Q: I’ve heard the term “bullish or bearish”, what does that mean?
A – Simple: bulls drive stock up, and bear’s drive the stock down.
Q: What are some of the new traders bad habits?
A – Getting too emotional. Relax!!!
Not learning from their mistakes is every new traders problem. They never plan properly.