I have years of experience in the stock market industry. I’ve traded stocks, bonds, options, and created trading habits that are sound and proven to generate returns. What I’ve learned over the years, when I started was, I wish I had a trading coach. So the dangers of trading in this changing and difficult environment, is simple, being able to adapt.

The site is a designed to teach/coach new and upcoming traders. Kronk Stock Teaching 101 is an advisor. Once you join, you will establish skills to recognise patterns, market movers that cause an effect on the direction of movement. in business news, personal finance information, real-time commentary and investment tools and data. These are some of the items that will be taught along with searching and navigating charts to seek proper price entry and exit points.

Did I mention, low cost? I promise to give you years of knowledge summed into 2 hours of training, You will have all the indicators that top professional trader use as alerts. Make moves like all experienced traders do, that concentration on profits.

Understand, I have a passion for teaching and watching new traders grow from basic foundation of unknowingness to super traders, gives me fulfillment. You can and will achieve this goal but must have a mindset to want to learn. Kronk Stock Teaching 101 will help you obtain this goal, together.